Social Media Content Ideas for Hotels – February Edition

Ah February ~ the month of love.  This month we’re reminded to love our hearts, our pets, margaritas, strangers and of course, our life partners.  
This list of February content ideas for hotels will help you show some love to your social media followers!  Please enjoy and if you like, show the ATH content team some love by sharing, tweeting, posting and so on.  Thanks! 


  • Social media ideas for hotels.

    Will your hotel promote snow rates or snow escapes?

    February 2 – Groundhog Day: What did Punxatawnee Phil predict for your local weather?  If he says more winter is on the way, remind everyone of your special “snow rates”. If you are located in a milder climate, encourage your audience to escape those frosty predictions and come visit your sunny spot of the world.

  • February 2 – Superbowl 48: Even if your team didn’t make the big game, look for opportunities to celebrate by recognizing hometown heroes with players, cheerleaders and individuals participating at the big event at MetLife Stadium.  For those with a Food and Beverage operation, this is a great revenue opportunity.  Post F&B specials and show the game on TVs in your bar area.  If you are an ATH social media managed property, please tell us about your specials in advance as this will be a very high demand date!
  • February 4 – Rosa Park’s Birthday: Recognize Rosa Parks and her contribution to the American Civil Rights movement. Use the opportunity to recognize local persons who contributed and hometown heroes.
  • February 7 – Winter Olympics Begin: Are athletes or teams from your city or state participating? Wish them luck and share stories of their journey.
  • Social media ideas for hotels

    Don’t miss this prime opportunity to connect with your community.

    February 14 – Valentine’s Day: Promote packages and help your property to maximize revenue. Promote offers from local vendors in the days/weeks leading up to the big day to build community relations. Tweet/post articles with low-cost or free ways to make the day special.

  • February 17 – President’s Day: Encourage your audience to share stories about what President’s Day means to them.  Highlight Presidents from your local market and share highlights from their presidential legacy.
  • February 22 – International World Thinking Day: (Girl Scouts of America) This year’s theme: Education. Encourage Girls Scouts in your local market to share comments on how education has helped them reach their fullest potential.
  • February 23 – Olympics Closing Ceremonies: Congratulate all those that participated and highlight athletes from your local area.  Share heartwarming stories that may not have been splashed all over the media already. Candid images are especially well-received and see the highest engagement.


  • Social content ideas for hotels

    Highlight your heart healthy amenities – food, fitness and a good night’s sleep!

    American Heart Month: Post your most creative heart healthy recipes from your restaurant or from your complimentary breakfast. Post images of actual dishes leaving the kitchen or plated from your breakfast buffet.  We know you’ve found some creative ways to help your health conscious guests stay on track while they travel!  Highlight your healthy amenities like your fitness center and pool.

  • African American History Month: In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, this year’s theme is The Golden Jubilee of the Civil Rights Act. Share stories of how your city contributed to the Civil Rights Movement. Post historic #TBT images.
  • National Hot Breakfast Month: February is National Hot Breakfast month – if this is one of your complimentary amenities or specialities, this is your time to shine! Highlight your breakfast offerings by posting candid snapshots of guests enjoying breakfast. Perhaps post images of your breakfast host interacting with guests. Food and smiles are always well received!
  • Week of February 4th – National Pancake Week: A great opportunity to highlight your menu offering or to let your Facebook or Twitter page play concierge and feature a local “hometown” favorite pancake house.


  • February 10 – Umbrella Day: Are you in a particularly arid climate where umbrellas are rarely needed? Promote all of outdoor activities available due to the mild climate. Rainy markets – tie a famous umbrella-themed movie scene to a trivia question with a fun giveaway.
  • February 11 – National Inventor’s Day: (in honor of Thomas Edison’s birthday) Highlight a local inventor and their famous or ingenious invention.  A great opportunity to build community relations.
  • February 11 – Make a Friend Day: There’s nothing like a new place to inspire a new friendship. Branch out and make a new friend today on National Make a Friend Day! Host a mixer for your guests so they can mingle and make a friend in a new city.  Don’t forget to post candid images.
  • February 15 – Gumdrop Day: Try a fun post with a trivia question about gumdrops featured in movies or ask fans to post their favorite recipe that uses gumdrops.
  • February 17 – Random Act of Kindness Day: Travel can be tedious and tiring and can make a random of act of kindness feel like a real burden, but, research shows sending a smile to a fellow traveler or holding the door for someone can make you feel as good as the recipient. Encourage your fans to give themselves permission to be a little cheesier than normal and perform a Random Act of Kindness in honor of the day!
  • February 20 – Love Your Pet Day: Your fans love their pets everyday, but, today you can help them make it official by encouraging them to post images and use all the wonderful pet related hashtags to share their four-legged companions with the world.
  • February 22 – Margarita Day: Ask your fans to share their favorite margarita flavor. If you have a bar and/or restaurant, consider offering a margarita special. Ask fans to share photos of their margarita on your page, and show it to their server to get a free offer such as an appetizer.


Most importantly, keep trying new things until you find the message that resonates with your audience.  If you need more ideas, feel free to reach out the Hospitality Social Media Experts at All Things Hospitality.  We offer Social Media Evaluations for hotels and full-service Social Media Management solutions for the hospitality industry.

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